Taurine CAS 107-35-7

Taurine CAS 107-35-7

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid in the human body and plays an important role in the development of the fetal and infant nervous systems. It can be widely used in medicine, food additives, fluorescent whitening agents, organic synthesis and other fields, and can also be used as biochemical reagents, wetting agents, pH buffers, etc.
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Taurine occurs as colorless or white crystals, or a white crystalline powder. It is soluble in water and practically insoluble in ethanol 99.5. The pH of a solution prepared by dissolving 1.0 g of Taurine in 20 mL of freshly boiled and cooled water is between 4.1 and 5.6.

Physiological function

Taurine was first found in the bile of male cattle. It is a kind of non protein amino acid, which widely exists in organisms and is also an endogenous amino acid with special physiological functions in human body. Taurine is an active substance that regulates the normal physiological activities of the body. It has a wide range of biological functions, such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, maintaining the balance of osmotic pressure, maintaining normal visual function, regulating cell calcium balance, lowering blood sugar, regulating nerve conduction, and participating in endocrine activities, regulating lipid digestion and absorption, increasing cardiac contractility, improving body immunity, enhancing cell membrane antioxidant capacity, protect cardiomyocytes, etc.

(1) Promote infant brain tissue and intellectual development

(2) Improve nerve conduction and visual function

(3) Prevent cardiovascular disease

(4) Affect the absorption of lipids

(5) Improve endocrine status and enhance human immunity

(6) Affect glucose metabolism and have a certain effect of lowering blood sugar.

(7) Inhibit the occurrence and development of cataract

(8) Improve memory function

(9) Maintain normal reproductive function

(10) Other functions:

-Prevent iron deficiency anemia

-Optimize the structure of the bacterial community in the intestine

-Anti-oxidation, anti-aging

-Promote the return of acute hepatitis to normal

-Protects against carbon tetrachloride poisoning

-Protects against nephrotoxicity

-Sedative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects



1. Pharmaceutical industry

Taurine has many clinical uses: it can be used to treat colds, fever, neuralgia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, various eye diseases and drug poisoning.


2. Food additives

Taurine is an essential amino acid for humans and animals. As a food nutrient additive, it has good health care effect, it can be added to dairy products, beverages, compound MSG, and soy products. It can enhance human immunity, improve brain function and retinal tissue. It can also be used as feed additives for aquaculture and animal breeding.


3. Organic synthesis intermediates

- Used in the synthesis of fluorescent whitening agent

- Used for the preparation of reactive dyes and the synthesis of other organic compounds

- Used as surfactants, humidity regulators, emulsifiers, fluorescent brighteners, pH buffers, detergent intermediates and chemical reagents.



Colorless or white crystals, or a white crystalline powder
Clarity and color of solution 
Clear and colorless
Heavy metals
Loss on drying
Residue on ignition
Related substances
TLC (not more intense than standard solution)


25kg/bag or as per requirement.



Store in a cool, dry place.


Minimum Order


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