Vitamin Market And Supply News

- Mar 22, 2021-

1)Coca Cola's first functional soda with vitamin B nicotinic acid

2)new project of sodium ascorbate from Shandong Tianli pharmaceutical: main framework construction of three workshops completed

3)Cangzhou Baolai Jinkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has obtained the production license of feed additive for natural vitamin E and phytosterol4)Kaiyuan Hengtai Nutrition Co., Ltd has obtained the production license of feed additives for ASCORBYL PALMITE  and L-carnitine series

5)Installation of 30 fermentation tanks for the project of 40000 mt vitamin C from Inner Mongolia NCPC Huakai pharmaceutical

6)Ningxia Kingvit Pharmaceutical successfully passed the new GMP on-site inspection of

vitamin B12, Mecobalamin, cobalamin adenosine 7)vitamin C from Ningxia Qiyuan pharmaceutical passed GMP inspection of Ningxia Medical Products Administration

8)Jiangxi Tianxin pharmaceutical increased the production license of folic acid (vitamin B9)

9)Zhejiang fangyuanxin biomedical Co., Ltd. has invested in a new project with an annual output of 15000 tons of vitamin E precursor-2 and its derivatives

10)The vitamin production line of Jiangxi Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. resumed production on March 1st

11)Recently, Hebei Huarong pharmaceutical continued to raise the price of vitamin B12