Latest Price Of Vitamins

- Feb 08, 2021-

The price of Vitamins keep rising.


1.The latest price from Brother Technology for VB1 mono on Jan. 28th was at RMB210/KG, and RMB270/KG for VB1 hcl.


2.Jiangxi Tianxin resumed offer for VB1 mono feed grade on Jan. 25th and the latest price was at RMB200/KG

The price of VB6 feed grade raised to RMB125/KG since Jan. 6th.


3.The price of VB12 from Hebei huarong has been raised again on Jan.25, and the latest price for VB12 is at USD4000/KG,  the price for VB12 1% feed grade is at USD40/KG


4.The latest price for VB12 from Ningxia Kingvit is at USD4000/KG, RMB290/kg for VB 12 1% feed grade.


5.Shandong Fengyin feed Technology raised the price of VB2 feed grade to RMB105/KG


6.Zhejiang Garden Biochemical raised price of VD3 feed grade (500.000 IU/G) to RMB200.KG since Jan.12, 2021


7.Shandong Luwei raised price of VC to USD10/KG from Jan. 5th, 2021