Vitamin E plant of DSM in Switzerland will be shut down for maintenance and Yimante will resume production by the end of 2020

- Nov 19, 2020-

On Oct.29, 2020, DSM group announced that it would shut down the vitamin E plant in Sisseln, Switzerland from January to February 2021. The overhaul plan was originally scheduled to start in August 2020, but DSM delayed it as much as possible to ensure the continuous supply of vitamin E


After a long period of production interruption, Yimante's vitamin E facility is expected to restart in December, 2020, and the plant's capacity will gradually increase to its nameplate capacity of 16,000 tons / year vitamin E oil in 2021.


DSM expects Yimante's capacity to make up the capacity gap caused by the shutdown of its Swiss plant in the first quarter of 2021, and DSM will do its best to fulfill the existing contract and protect the interests of its customers.