The latest market information for vitamins is as below

- Mar 22, 2021-

1)Ascorbic acid: Some manufactures still stopped quotation for Vitamin C, the export price is between USD10-11/KG.

2)Folic acid: The main manufacturers stopped quotation for Folic acid. The price was raised to CNY300-350/KG before Chinese Spring Festival because of the rising price of chemical raw materials.

3) Vitamin B12: The market of VB12 is stable and the latest price from Hebei Yuxing is at CNY19500/KG.

4) Vitamin B5: The price of Calcium Pantothenate is expected to be raised. Some manufacturer raised the price to CNY 80/KG, but the market price is about CNY60-65/KG.

5) Vitamin B2: Hubei Guangji resumed quotation for VB2 feed grade and the price is between CNY105-110/KG.

6) Biotin: The main manufacturer of Biotin stopped quotation. The price is stable now and the price for feed grade is at CNY60-65/KG, and the price for biotin 98% is between USD350-400/KG.

7) Vitamin B6: The market demand for VB6 is weak and the latest price for VB6 feed grade is between CNY130-135/KG, but the market price is between CNY122-126/KG.

8) Vitamin B1: Jiangxi Tianxin and Hubei Huazhong stopped quotation for VB1. The market price for VB1 mono is about CNY180/KG and CNY240/KG for VB1 HCL.

9) Vitamin E: ZMC raised the price for VE feed grade to CNY80/KG. NHU still stopped quotation for VE feed grade. The price is high because of the rising price of raw materials.

10) Vitamin A: DSM and ZMC raised the price for VA feed grade to CNY 430/KG. The price from Shandong Xinfa is about CNY370/KG. NHU still stopped quotation for VA.

11) Vitamin D3: The market for VD3 is stable. The latest price for VD3 feed grade from Zhejiang Garden is at CNY200/KG.

12) Vitamin B3: The market for VB3 is stable. The price from Shandong kunda, Brothers and Anhui Ruibang is same as CNY60/KG.

13) Vitamin K3: The price for VK3 is still strong in the market. The reference price for MSB is at CNY75/KG, MNB is at CNY 85/KG.

14) Inositol: The price for inositol is expected to be raised. The market price is between CNY23-25/KG.