Range of food preservatives

- Aug 06, 2019-

Benzoic acid and salt: carbonated drinks, low-salt pickles, preserves, wine, fruit wine, soft candy, soy sauce, vinegar, jam, juice drinks, barrels of fruit and vegetable juices for the food industry.

Potassium sorbate: In addition to the same, there are fish, meat, eggs, poultry products, fruit and vegetable preservation, collagen casings, jelly, lactic acid bacteria drinks, cakes, stuffing, bread, moon cakes, etc.

Dehydroacetic acid sodium: yuba, pickles, juice orange juice.

Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate: fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juice drinks, jams, pastry traps, egg yolk traps, carbonated drinks, vinegar, soy sauce

Calcium propionate: moisturizing noodles (cut noodles, suede), bread, vinegar, soy sauce, pastries, soy food.

Sodium diacetate: various pickles, flour and dough.

Sodium lactate: barbecue, ham, sausage, chicken and duck products and sauces and other products.

Streptococcus lactic acid: canned food, vegetable protein drinks, dairy products, meat products, etc.

Natamycin: cheese, meat products, wine, juice drinks, tea drinks, etc.

Hydrogen peroxide: fresh raw milk, bagged tofu