How much do you know about nicotinamide?

- Aug 15, 2019-

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1. β-methylpyridine is oxidized to nicotinic acid by air, and the latter is reacted with ammonium hydroxide and then heated and dehydrated.

2. Put niacin, boric acid and ammonia into the reaction pot, add ammonia gas under stirring, and dissolve at elevated temperature; then distill off the ammonia, transfer it to 120 °C, then transfer it to the dehydration pot to continue concentration; when the temperature reaches 145 °C, start adding liquid ammonia. And continue to pass ammonia reaction at 185 ~ 190 ° C for 20 ~ 30h. Then, the temperature is lowered to 130 ° C, diluted with distilled water, activated carbon, and decolorized by ammonia at 70-80 ° C for 2 h; after the reaction, the mixture is filtered while hot, and the filtrate is cooled in water for 24 h, separated and crystallized, washed with ethanol and dried to obtain a finished product. The yield was 89%.

3. From niacin and ammonia to form a salt and then dehydrated.


1. Biochemical research; nutrient composition of tissue culture medium; clinical drug is vitamin B family, used for prevention and treatment of pellagra and stomatitis, glossitis and other diseases


2. It is an essential nutrient for mammals. Water solubility is better than niacin, but it is easy to form a complex with vitamin C and agglomerate. The dosage is 30~mg/kg.

3. Niacinamide and niacin are common in most cases, and niacin also produces nicotinamide in animals. In the absence of nicotinamide in the body, it will cause pellagra, so this product can prevent pellagra. It plays a role in the metabolism of proteins and sugars and improves the nutrition of humans and animals. It can be used as a nutritional additive in cosmetics. Also used in medicine and food, feed additives.