Sodium Nitrite CAS 7632-00-0

Sodium Nitrite CAS 7632-00-0

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Sodium Nitrate
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Sodium Nitrate is a white fine crystal. It is bitter and salty. Soluble in water and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in glycerin and ethanol, and easily deliquescent. Especially when it contains a very small amount of sodium chloride impurities, the deliquescent of sodium nitrate is greatly increased.



In the enamel industry, sodium nitrate can be used as a flux, an oxidant, and a raw material for formulating tantalum powder. It can be used as a decolorizer, defoamer, clarifier and oxidation flux for various glass and products in the glass industry. It can be used as a decolorizing agent for molten caustic soda in the inorganic industry and for the manufacture of other nitrates. It can be used as a coloring agent for meat processing in the food industry to prevent meat from deteriorating and to impart a flavoring effect. It can be used as a quick-acting fertilizer for acidic soils in the fertilizer industry, especially for root crops such as sugar beets and radishes. It can be used as a raw material for the production of picric acid and dyes in the dye industry. It can be used as a heat treatment agent for steel making and aluminum alloy in the metallurgical industry. It can be used as a metal cleaning agent and a ferrous metal bluing agent in the machine industry. It is used as a medium for penicillin in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used as a combustion improver for tobacco in the cigarette industry.



Colorless, Viscous, transparent liquid
Content of sodium nitrite (calculated by dry base)
Content of sodium nitrate (calculated by dry base)≤0.8%
Content of chloride(NaCl) (calculated by dry base)
Content of insoluble in water (calculated by dry base)



25kg/bag or as customer’s requirements.



Store in tight container, at cool, ventilated, clean and dry place.


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