Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) CAS 10124-56-8

Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) CAS 10124-56-8

Sodium hexametaphosphate is a kind of sodium metaphosphate polymers. It is a colorless transparent glass-like solid or white powder with greater solubility but low dissolving rate in water. It can be used as a food quality improver in food industry, pH adjusting agent, metal ion chelating agents, dispersants, extenders, etc. It can also used for medicine, petroleum, printing and dyeing, tanning, and paper industry.
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Sodium Hexametaphosphate
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Sodium Polyphosphates, Glassy, occur as colorless or white, transparent platelets, granules, or powders. They belong to aclass consisting of several amorphous, water-soluble polyphosphates composed of linear chains of metaphosphate units (NaPO3)x for which x ≥ 2, terminated by Na2PO4— groups. They are usually identified by their Na2O/P2O5 ratio or their P2O5 content. The Na2O/P2O5 ratios vary from about 1.3 for sodium tetrapolyphosphate, for which x = approximately 4; through about 1.1 for Graham’s salt, commonly called sodium hexametaphosphate, for which x = 13 to 18; to about 1.0 for the higher molecular weight sodium polyphosphates, for which x = 20 to 100 or more. Glassy Sodium Polyphosphates are very soluble in water. The pH of their solutions varies from about 3.0 to 9.0.



Sodium hexametaphosphate is mainly used in food and industrial industries.

1. The food industry applications are mainly:

1) Used in meat products, fish sausages, ham, etc., it can improve water holding capacity, increase adhesion, and prevent fat oxidation;

2) Used in bean paste and soy sauce to prevent discoloration, it can increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period, and adjust taste;

3) Used in fruit drinks and refreshing drinks, it can increase the juice yield, increase the viscosity, and inhibit the decomposition of vitamin C;

4) When used in ice cream, it can increase the expansion capacity, increase the volume, enhance the emulsification, prevent the paste from being damaged, and improve the taste and color;

5) Used in dairy products and beverages to prevent gel precipitation;

6) Adding to beer can clarify the liquor and prevent turbidity;

7) For beans, canned fruits and vegetables, it can stabilize natural pigments and protect food color;

8) The aqueous solution of sodium hexametaphosphate is sprayed on the cured meat to improve the antiseptic performance.

2. The main applications in the industrial sector are:

1) Sodium hexametaphosphate can be heated with sodium fluoride to produce sodium monofluorophosphate, which is an important industrial raw material;

2) Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as a water softener, if used in dyeing and finishing, it can play a role in softening water;

3) Sodium hexametaphosphate is also widely used as a scale inhibitor in water treatment industries such as EDI (Resin Electrodialysis), RO (Reverse Osmosis), and NF (Nanofiltration).



Colorless or white, transparent platelets, granules, or powders
Assay of P2O5
Insoluble substances 


25kg/ bag or as per requirement.



Store in a cool dry place.


Minimum Order


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