Vanillin CAS 121-33-5

Vanillin CAS 121-33-5

Vanillin is the first kind of flavor synthesized by human beings. It is usually divided into methyl vanillin and ethyl vanillin. Vanillin has the fragrance of vanilla and strong milk flavor. It is the largest variety in the perfume industry, and is the main ingredient of the cream vanilla essence widely used. It is widely used in food, daily chemical industry and tobacco industry as spices, flavoring agents or fixing agents.
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Vanillin occurs as a white crystal with vanilla odour. It is stable, incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, perchloric acid and moisture-sensitive. Also it may discolour on exposure to light.



Vanillin is an important spice extracted from vanilla beans, a plant of the rutaceae family. It is one of the most productive varieties of synthetic spice. It is an important raw material for blending chocolate, ice cream, chewing gum, pastry and tobacco flavors. Vanillin has a strong and unique aroma of vanilla bean, the aroma is stable, and it is not volatile at higher temperatures. It can be used in many daily chemical flavor formulations, but it is mainly used in food flavors. In particular, it is widely used in candy, chocolate, beverages, ice cream, and alcohol, and it is also very useful in tobacco flavors. Vanillin is also an important edible spice. It is used as a foundation spice. It is used in almost all flavors. It is widely used in the food industry. It is one of the most used spices in baked goods and it could be used in chocolate, biscuits, cakes, pudding and ice cream. The maximum usage amount is 220mg/kg for baked goods and 970mg/kg for chocolate. As a fixative, coordinator and modifier, it is widely used in cosmetic flavors. It is also an important flavoring agent for beverages and foods.



White or slightly yellowish, crystalline powder or needles
Melting range
Loss on drying 
≤ 0.5%
Sulfated ash


25kg/ drum or as per requirement



Store in a cool dry place, protected from light


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