Tranexamic Acid CAS:1197-18-8;701-54-2

Tranexamic Acid complies with CP2010, USP35, BP2012, JP16, EP7 and other pharmacopoeial standards. The product has passed the new version of GMP certification and the US FDA certification. The product has applied for two national invention patents. Tranexamic acid is a synthetic amino acid., which have hemostatic and anti-inflammatory pharmacological effects. Clinically, it is widely used in surgery, internal medicine, urology, obstetrics and gynecology and other fields to treat various bleeding diseases and abnormal bleeding during surgery. It can inhibit the activity of melanocytes, prevent and improve skin pigmentation, it has certain cosmetic effects.
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Tranexamic Acid can be used for:

1. Trauma or surgical bleeding of organs rich in plasminogen activator such as prostate, urethra, lung, brain, uterus, adrenal gland, thyroid, liver.

2. Used as a thrombolytic agent, such as tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA), streptokinase and urokinase antagonists.

3. Fibrinolytic bleeding caused by artificial abortion, early placental exfoliation, stillbirth and amniotic fluid embolism.

4. Menorrhagia with increased local fibrinolysis, anterior chamber bleeding and severe nose bleeding.

5. It is used to prevent or reduce bleeding after tooth extraction or oral surgery in hemophilia patients who lack factor Ⅷ or factor IX.

6. Mild hemorrhage caused by rupture of central aneurysm, such as subarachnoid hemorrhage and intracranial aneurysm hemorrhage, the application of this product to stop bleeding is better than other antifibrinolytic drugs, but you must pay attention to the risk of cerebral edema or cerebral infarction. . As for severely ill patients with surgical indications, this product can only be used as an adjuvant drug.

7. It is used to treat hereditary angioedema, which can reduce the frequency and severity of its attacks.

8. Active bleeding in patients with hemophilia. 

9. It has a definite effect on melasma.


Intravenous drip: generally 0.25~0.5g once for adults, 1~2g daily if necessary, 1-2 times administration. The dosage can be appropriately increased or decreased according to age and symptoms, or as directed by a doctor.

In order to prevent bleeding before and after surgery, refer to the above dosage. Treatment of bleeding caused by primary fibrinolysis. The dose can be increased as appropriate.

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The performance of tranexamic acid and its state: 1.White crystal powder 2. Its pure content is as high as 90% or more 3. Due to some characteristics of tranexamic acid itself, its weightlessness after drying has little effect 4. Melting point is relatively high 5. In the case of high temperature burning, its residues are very small, only about less than 0.1%


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