Erythromycin Base CAS 114-07-8

Erythromycin Base CAS 114-07-8

Erythromycin is a commonly used macrolide antibiotic. It is mainly used in penicillin allergic patients, penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection, streptococcus, pneumococcus infection and diphtheria carriers.
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Molecular Formula
Molecular Structure
Molecular Weight:733.94
CAS No.: 


Erythromycin is a white or slightly yellow powder or colourless or slightly yellow crystals, slightly hygroscopic. It is slightly soluble in water (the solubility decreases as the temperature rises), freely  soluble in ethanol (96 per cent), soluble in methanol.



Erythromycin is mainly used for staphylococcal infections resistant to penicillin. It can also be used for streptococcus, pneumococcal infections and diphtheria carriers. This product is a mixture, the main component is erythromycin A, and a small amount of erythromycin B and C. White or slightly yellow crystal or powder, odorless, bitter, alkaline, can form salts with inorganic or organic acids, and can also form esters. For example, tasteless erythromycin is the lauryl sulfate of erythromycin propionate. It has no bitter taste after oral administration, can resist acid and is not destroyed by gastric acid, and has good oral absorption. The indications are the same as erythromycin. The mechanism of action of erythromycin is to inhibit the synthesis of bacterial proteins and hinder the formation of long peptide chains to play an antibacterial effect. The antibacterial spectrum is similar to penicillin G, most of the strains resistant to penicillin are sensitive to this product, which is suitable for cases of drug resistance or allergy to penicillin. It is clinically effective for syphilis and gonorrhea.



White or almost white, hygroscopic powder.
Specific optical rotation
-71° to -78°
Erythromycin B
Erythromycin C
Sulfated ash
Any impurity 
Total impurity

Packing and Storage

Preserve in tight container.


Minimum Order

One package

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